septoplasty in mumbai


Septoplasty is a surgical procedure performed to straighten the cartilage and bone of the septum, in order to allow the air to pass through the nose more easily.


  • Difficulty in breathing.
  • Chronic infections of the nasal sinus.
  • Fluid build-up inside the sinus and/or improper drainage of the fluid.
septoplasty in mumbai

Overview of Septoplasty

  • The surgery may be performed under either local or general anaesthesia, which are administered through IV tubes, or injected into the nasal tissues.
  • Incisions are made inside the nose.
  • The deviation of the bone and cartilaginous septum is done.
  • The incision is closed with an absorbable thread. In some cases, soft silicone splints are inserted inside the nostrils, as additional support to the septum.
  • Nasal packing is done to prevent bleeding after surgery.
  • The patient is then taken to the recovery room for monitoring for at least half a day, after which the patient may leave. In rare cases, an overnight stay may be required.

The key focus after surgery is to prevent bleeding and swelling of the nasal tissues, so that the healing process is enhanced. The following precautions are advised by the doctor

  • Avoiding strenuous activities, such as running or sports which result in an increase in the blood pressure. This can cause a nosebleed.
  • Avoid blowing or rubbing the nose.
  • Keep the head elevated while sleeping.
  • In most cases, though, the surgery is known to alleviate the symptoms of a deviated nasal septum, such as shortness of breath.

Authored by Dr Shailesh Pandey, ENT Specialist

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