preauricular pit treatment in mumbai

Pre Auricular Pit Surgery

Pre-auricular pits are located in front of the ear caused due to faulty fusion of ear development. This pre-auricular pits or sinus are considered as congenital condition that can cause infection or blocks anytime. Nearly 0.9% of population are affected by the pre-auricular malformation.


  • Formation of abscess in pinna and cellulitis area. The abscess is usually yellowish pus.
preauricular pit treatment in mumbai
  • The nearby area of pre-auricular pit becomes red due to infection.
  • Similarly the pre-auricular pit and its surrounding area can become swollen.
  • The reddish or brown colour tissue growth can be occasionally seen at the mouth of pre-auricular pit.
  • The cardinal symptoms due to pre-auricular sinus are swelling, pain, redness and pus discharge.

The other common signs were Otorrhoea, swelling and earaches which can be treated well via surgical methods.


Pre-auricular pit will not close by itself. Hence it must be treated to get rid of it. There are two types of treatment methods:

1. Antibiotics 2. Proper surgical methods

The study results say that pre-auricular sinus affects men and women in equal ratio. Women get affected due to facial make-up or abatement cosmetic usage. Moreover when a person is affected by pre-auricular sinus for once, there are frequent chances for him/her to get affected repeatedly. This is because of residual bacteria that remain even after antibiotic treatment.

Hence when you recognize the presence of pre-auricular pit, it is a must to consult a well-experienced ENT specialist for further treatment. The doctor will recommend either anti-biotic or surgical treatment based on the severity of the disease.


In most of the cases antibiotic treatment process becomes incomplete due to persistence of infection for prolonged time. In such cases, pre-auricular pit surgery might be the only remedy. Here are a few things to remember before taking up the surgery. You need not panic since the surgical method is uncomplicated and produces good after-surgery results.

  • On considering the comfort of the patient, pre-auricular pit surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia. On the other hand, if patients are already suffering from any other health hazards like heart problem then local anaesthesia is given before surgery.
  • Pre-auricular pit surgery is usually done in the morning section and patients are kept under observation throughout afternoon. It is a day's process and thus patients can be discharged on the same day by late evening.
  • It is the duty of patients to convey to the doctor about pre-surgery signs like fever, if any. Depending on this, the surgery date will be fixed by the doctor. Usually, patients are restricted to have blood thinners including fish oil or vitamin E before surgery.
  • Though recovery time varies from one patient to other, it is estimated that pre-auricular pit surgery only takes one day to recover. The patients can resume their regular routine including getting back to work after a day of surgery.
  • Patients can intake their preferred food after surgery, as there are no restrictions.

Hence this is the right time to check with an expert doctor to treat pre-auricular pit.

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