ossiculoplasty treatment in mumbai


Ossiculoplasty is performed on those patients who have a problem with their ossicles. These small bones situated in the middle ear. Damage to the ossicles can cause hearing loss and the bones may get ruptured with time leading to other problems as well.

Symptoms and causes:

The symptoms and causes of ossicle damage go hand in hand. Ossicle damage isn't a disorder in itself and it only happens if there is some major

ossiculoplasty treatment in mumbai

injury or there is an associated disease in the middle ear or the tympanic membrane. Ossicle damage shares its symptoms with other ear diseases or disorders.

  • In case of traumaticossiculurdamage, there can be loss of balance, decreased hearing and sometimes damage to the facial nerve.
  • Tinnitus can also occur that gives the patient migraine-like headache because of the unstoppable ringing sound. It can be iatrogenic.
  • Discharge may also occur from the ear.
  • Ossicle damage is very painful and very hard to bear. It can also occur by a head injury that might have happened.

Overview of the surgery:

This surgery is basically performed to reconstruct the ossicles that are present in the middle ear. Patients who visit the hospital for getting this surgery done often suffer from conductive hearing loss, which is confirmed by doing Audiometry.

  • As stated above, Ossiculoplasty is carried out alongside Tympanoplasty. If there are any bones missing inside the ear, then this surgery reconstructs the ossicles and hearing loss is cured.
  • Ossiculoplasty can be performed individually as well.
  • If it is carried out with Tympanoplasty, two things happen. If the ossicles require a small amount of restructuring, then reshaping is done. The bone sizes are tweaked if there is a size deformity. If the bones are out of position, the doctor repositions the ossicles.
  • The other method that happens during Tympanoplasty is the complete replacement of TORP. This is the total replacement of ossicles. In some cases, PORP (partial replacement) is also carried out. This takes place when the bone is of no use and needs prosthesis in its place.
  • If the surgery is not accompanied by Tympanoplasty, then a small incision is made to see inside the ear and perform the above stated methods.
  • Post-operative care is essential after Ossiculoplasty. This is important because it takes around ten to fourteen days from recovery.

This surgery helps in conductive hearing loss and can show great results if performed correctly.

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