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Orbital Decompression

The orbit is the amount of space that is located in the skull. This space is vital for holding all the parts of the eye, including the eyeball, the supplementary muscles, etc. The orbit contains four walls, which include the roof, the floor and the side two walls. Sometimes, air pressure builds inside the orbit and forces the eye to protrude out. This causes a lot of pain in the eye. For this reason, orbital decompression making use of the endoscopy method is needed.


Symptoms and Causes:

There can be a lot of reasons why endoscopic orbital decompression is needed.

  • Graves’ Disease- This disease occurs due to the unregulated production of hormones. The two prominent areas that it affects are the thyroid gland and the orbital area. The eye might get affected and the muscles of the eye expand. This condition is known as Graves’ orbitopathy. Because of this reason alone, the orbit falls short of space to hold the eye and needs to be decompressed. The eye protrudes out and there is sharp pain in the eye area.
  • Patients may face an uncanny sort of vision in which they start to view things in double. This happens because the eye muscles fall short of space to relax and contract.
  • The optic nerve gets affected and patients feel a sharp pain in their forehead as well as the temple area.
  • Other causes include the accumulation of blood in the eye (hematoma), eye infection (abscess) or some kind of tumour in the eye.

Overview of the surgery

  • This surgery is performed by using an endoscope and a person can get this surgery done under the influence of an anesthetic. This can be both local and general anesthesia. But the preferred one is general.
  • First of all, the surgeon will insert an endoscope from though the nose and will open up all kinds of sinuses that are present. He will perform the sinus surgery with the usage of endoscopy.
  • After this, he starts treating the actual problem. Initially, the bone that is closest to the nose is removed. And in some cases, the floor of the eye is also removed. This then exposes the periorbita.
  • The periorbita is a thin layer lining the eye contents. This is opened up and the fat of the eye contents is allowed to bulge in directly to the opened sinuses. This way, automatically, there is a lot of space created in the area and decompression is performed successfully.
  • In most cases, the doctor asks the patient to stay all night in the hospital for close observation. Hence, this surgery cannot be performed on outpatients.
  • This surgery has a lot of benefits and it improves vision considerably. This surgery also improves dryness of the eye, eye pain and gifts around 60% immunity to eye injury as the eyes do not bulge out any more.

This is a great surgery and a highly recommended one if you have bulging eyes and feel sharp pain in the forehead area.

Authored by Dr Shailesh Pandey, ENT Specialist

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