myringotomy treatment in Mumbai

Myringotomy Insertion

Myringotomy is a type of surgery that is performed on the eardrum. We all know that our ears are responsible for maintaining the balance of our body. If even one of these has even a minor problem, it can lead to extremely difficult predication of the body. One of these is acute otitis media, which can only be healed with the procedure of Myringotomy insertion.


myringotomy treatment in Mumbai
  • In acute otitis media, the ear drum can become inflamed and full of pus. This leads to redness of the ear and in some cases, it also causes fever
  • If this occurs in babies, they often are unable to hear things. They also scratch their ears unnecessarily. This is a prime indication of this ear problem and one should visit the doctor if the baby is showing such symptoms
  • The ear starts aching and one will see it getting swollen up. Most of the times, one will face problem in hearing things
  • The body will lose balance and one will experience dizziness a lot of times
  • One can get fever and will be able to feel the presence of fluid near one’s ear drum


  • Most of the times, acute otitis media is caused by the entrance of virus or bacteria in one’s ear. This is why, one should regularly clean one’s ear and stay away from unhygienic consumption.
  • Even passive smoking and harmful elements in the ear can get inside and cause this heinous disease.

Overview of this surgery:

  • Myringotomy can be performed easily and does not require the patient to stay in the hospital overnight. It is performed as a day care procedure and the patient can get back home the same day
  • The surgery is painful and this is why, patients are first given anaesthesia. General anaesthesia is used in children because their disease can be extremely gruesome
  • First, the ear is washed properly in order to cleanse it and get all the bacteria and other harmful microorganisms away
  • After this, a small cut is made in the eardrum and the fluid that comes out is aspirated with the help of a tube which is inserted after incising
  • In worst cases, bleeding can occur, which is why cotton is inserted which soaks up the blood and any extra fluid present in the surrounding area
  • The insertion of the tube holds a lot of significance. When the tube is inserted, it makes sure that the inside of the ear remains aerated. The harmful fluid which causes hearing problems is prevented from getting accumulated. The tube may not be inserted, but there is a high chance of acquiring acute otitis media once again
  • If the disease was severe from the very start, placing the tube will take a longer time for extruding. This is because the fluid can accumulate over and over again, leading to loss of hearing and earache. Perhaps, this is one major drawback of this surgery that it does not promise a complete cure from the disease in some cases.
  • But otherwise, Myringotomy insertion is very effective and helps in healing the fluid which can occur around the eardrums.

Authored by Dr Shailesh Pandey, ENT Specialist

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