Myringoplasty in mumbai


The tympanic membrane aka eardrum can acquire several problems. These include perforation that leads to a hole in an ear drum, unnecessary deposits of calcium in the eardrum, accumulation of fluid and retraction pocket that is perhaps, the least common kind of problem that there is. Perforation is the most common problem and occurs due to infection mainly, but it can happen for several other causes, some of which include injuries or replacement of tubes.

Myringoplasty in mumbai


A ruptured eardrum has several symptoms and if one identifies with any of these, he should straightaway visit a doctor.

  • Bouts of intense pain in the ear.
  • Watery discharge coming out of the ear, containing pus and blood in some cases.
  • Partial or complete hearing loss.
  • Tinnitus- Constant ringing in either of the ears.
  • Vertigos because ears are responsible for balancing in the body.
  • Nausea feeling.


  • Entrance of a foreign, unidentifiable subject in one’s ear that can cause clogging.
  • A skull fracture or any other head injury.
  • Noise pollution can also lead to eardrum rupture. Hearing a sound that is too loud to handle.
  • While travel, there is a lot of change in air pressure. This is known as Barotrauma. This can also result in eardrum rupture.

Overview of the surgery:

  • Any person who has either of the above mentioned problems should get this surgery done. Tinnitus patients should especially consult a doctor for this surgery.
  • Either general or local anaesthesia is needed for this surgery. Adults can get the surgery done with the application of local anaesthesia because it only involves numbing of one particular body part.
  • This surgery is performed on outpatients. One does not need to stay for more than a day in the hospital and in successful cases, even lesser.
  • This surgery has two types. The first one is performed on a smaller hole in the eardrum. The edges are removed initially and a small piece of fat of suitable size is inserted inside. With time, the blood vessels grow and hold a grip around the fat. It becomes a part of the ear and that’s how, the surgery becomes successful.
  • In larger holes, two different methods are used. In the first one, the skin lining the ear canal is taken out and a piece of tissue is inserted in the hole. The skin grows back with time and the tissue becomes a part of the canal.
  • In the second method, a small area of muscle removed from the temple is placed in the ear drum area after lifting the area. After the successful transference, the ear is folded back.
  • These are all the methods of performing Myringoplasty.

This surgery is not complicated and a decent ENT specialist can perform it. The complications are nil and one can go to work the next day without worrying over the consequences because there will be none.

Authored by Dr Shailesh Pandey, ENT Specialist

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