Mastoidectomy Treatment Mumbai

Mastoidectomy surgical treatments

Mastoidectomy is a complicated surgery performed on the human skull through which the damaged mastoid air cells are removed. These cells are located inside a hollow space inside the skull, behind the ear. These are probably diseased because of a specific ear infection. The infection in these cells spreads extremely fast inside the skull and it's very important to prevent the other skull parts from getting the infection. Mastoidectomy is the ideal process for it for eradicating diseased mastoic cells from the body.

Mastoidectomy Treatment Mumbai

Symptoms and causes:

Generally, this infection in the mastoic air cells is caused by chronic otitis media. It is a disorder that occurs in the middle ear and spreads to the cells. The patients can be seen suffering from the following symptoms and they should be referred to a doctor at once.

  • Swelling happens in post-aural area and huge amount of pus is filled inside it.
  • The patient may suffer dizziness. The vertigos become extremely frequent.
  • Deafness occurs. In a lot of cases, complete loss of hearing happens and partial loss is rare.
  • Meningitis can also occur which results in the swelling of the brain.
  • Inflammation of the inner ear takes place also termed as labyrinthitis.
  • Drainage of pus and blood happens from the ear accompanied by pain and discomfort.
  • Facial paralysis can also occur. If the brain undergoes any kind of damage, then the first area to get affected is the face.

Overview of the surgery:

  • First of all, general anaesthesia is extremely important for a patient on whom this surgery is being performed. The surgery is extremely painful and requires the patient to be unconscious for a long time.
  • Initially, a small cut is made behind the ear in order to gain access to the mastoid air cells. Then, the microscope is used to analyse the situation.
  • After this step, a small drill is used to open up the mastoid bone. Suction irrigation is recommended because drilling may fill the surroundings with bone dust.
  • After this, the diseased bone cells are removed carefully and it is checked whether the infection has spread to a different place or not.
  • Then a lengthy procedure takes place to stitch up the operative site and it is ensured that no bleeding has occurred. The place is covered to see whether any drainage is occurring or not.
  • Doctors also use a facial monitor because there are always chances of facial nerves getting damaged.
  • Patients need proper post-operative care after this operation. There are bandages all around and pain occurs which is why, pain killers are extremely needed.
  • Patients should make sure they don't travel anywhere, especially via air because air pressure can cause great discomfort.

This surgery requires a lot of precision and should be done only under the guidance of reputed oncologists.

Authored by Dr Shailesh Pandey, ENT Specialist

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