endoscopic dacrocystorhinostomy



Nasolacrimal duct is a very important part of the human body. This organ is important in carrying huge amount of tears from the lacrimal duct to the cavity in the nasal area. Sometimes, this duct can face some kind of obstruction and the regulation of tears transference may go completely haywire. For this, an important surgery needs to be carried out and this is known as Endoscopic Dacrocystorhinostomy. As complicated as this may sound, this is a path-breaking, well established

surgical process and has helped a lot of people, helping them overcome this unusual eye problem


By obstruction in the nasolacrimal duct, it means that the drainage is partially or in some cases, completely stopped. There are some very common symptoms that patients can generally relate to. These are as following.

  • Unstoppable amount of tears flow out of the eyes and cover up all the other external parts like the eyelashes, eyelids, and so on.
  • Zero production of tears making the eye completely dry.
  • Redness and swelling in the eyes.
  • Difficulty in opening the eyes because of eyes sticking together with the deposition of eye dirt that consists of several kinds of bacteria.
  • All these symptoms if not treated on time, may result from severe problems in the duct.

Overview of the surgery

  • In short, this surgery is known as DCR for communicative convenience. The patient needs to be put under the influence of anesthesia. This should preferably be general anesthesia, which will keep the patient in unconscious state as long as the surgery lasts.
  • There are non-endoscopic methods of performing DCR also but they are not as efficient as the endoscopy methods. The other methods leave a facial scar because of incisions. This surgery does not result in any scars and acts as an advantage in the endoscopic method.
  • This method doesnot consume a lot of time and causes the patient less pain whether it is intraoperative or postoperative. This is a time-efficient and cost-efficient surgery.
  • Using endoscopy, the bone, which is right above the lacrimal sac is opened and it is let open into the nasal area. This is a convenient method and has a high success rate. It can be easily performed on outpatients.
  • There may be a negligible amount of bleeding and slight pain after the surgery, but these issues can be dealt with by the prescription of pain killers and certain antibiotics.

This is a surgery with a very high success rate and makes life easier for the patients. It’s a highly recommended solution to people’s eye problems.

Authored by Dr Shailesh Pandey, ENT Specialist

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