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Coblation Tonsillectomy and Coblation Adenoidectomy

  • By using Coblation technique, the patients are risk-free and need not worry about instant weight reduction or any other side effects.
  • Unlike other traditional tonsillitis treatment methods, Coblation is a virtually bloodless surgery.

Opting for the right surgical option and a well experienced doctor is must for treating


tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Dr. Shailesh Pandey has performed successful Coblation tonsillectomy and Coblation adenoidectomy treatments. The Coblation wand equipment is available only among select doctors in the country and Dr. Shailesh Pandey is one of them. Don’t delay any further if you are suffering from tonsillitis. Contact the doctor immediately.

Coblation Adenoidectomy

The adenoids are lymph nodes located on the roof behind the soft palate, connecting the nose to the throat. The adenoids produce antibodies and white blood cells, helping to fight infections. However, when the adenoids become infected, they can become enlarged, obstructing breathing.
Adenoidectomies are performed to cut them and cauterize the tissues. However, the surrounding tissues might get injured, making the recovery period painful and lengthy. An alternative to heat treatment involves controlled ablation or coblation. Using a saline solution and radiofrequency at low temperatures, the tissues are removed gently and precisely. The risk of injuring the surrounding tissues and the recovery time are both lowered.
Coblation adenoidectomy acts as a very good alternative to the conventional methods of using heat treatments for the surgery.

Coblation Tonsillectomy

Lymph tissues near the throat, especially the tonsils, can become infected and enlarged. Their purpose is to filter germs out and when inflated, they might obstruct breathing. This makes sleeping difficult. Tonsillectomy can be used to remove the tonsils. The procedure uses heat for the removal of the tissues. However, this heat often causes injury to the surrounding tissues, making the recovery period long and painful.
Coblation is known as controlled ablation. Radio frequency is used at low temperatures in place of heat. It is accompanied by a saline solution to gently and precisely remove the tissues. Precision reduces the risk of injury to the surrounding tissues. The recovery period also gets reduced significantly with the help of coblation tonsillectomy.

Authored by Dr Shailesh Pandey, ENT Specialist

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