auroplasty treatment in mumbai


Sometimes, a lot of deformities can take place in the ear lobes. These are frequent in children as well as women. In children, it occurs because of wrong development of the ear lobe. In women, it happens because they subject their earlobes to singular or multiple piercing and that can be extremely harmful. These need to be healed because they can be painful to a large extent and the earlobe can emit pus frequently, which spreads the infection. The best way to get rid of this completely is by getting an ear lobe surgery which is called Auroplasty.

auroplasty treatment in mumbai


  • The earlobe can get one or more extensions and it can be of a different colour than the actual skin colour.
  • One can see fungal development in one’s ear lobe and pus could be coming out frequently.
  • At childbirth itself, one’s child could be born with a deformed earlobe. This means that it needs surgery immediately.
  • The Earlobe can get elongated and it can result in ‘bat’s ears’, which means that one’s ears will be shaped like a bat


  • Earlobe deformity can happen due to a number of reasons. In women, it occurs basically due to piercing
  • A lot of women wear artificial jewellery that can lead to ear lobe deformity because artificial jewellery contains nickel which is harmful for the ear lobe
  • If you wear earrings for an extended amount of time, then it causes fungal infection. This infection can spread really fast and alter other areas of the ear as well
  • Plastic earrings can also be really harmful and the sweat which gets captured between the ear and the earring can result in fungal infection
  • All these causes can result in ear lobe cuts, which can be healed with Auroplasty

Overview of Auroplasty:

  • What basically happens during this surgery is that the cuts made in the ear lobe are stitched and the ear is left to heal on its own with time. If there is no cut, only a fungal infection in the pre-existing ear hole, then it’s treated and closed. A new hole is made in the ear right next to it
  • What most people are worried about is that if the old hole or cuts are stitched and closed, is there any chance that they may open again and be a problem. This is one of the greatest advantages of Auroplasty. It assures complete treatment of the ear lobe and the holes and cuts never open again
  • The surgery is almost painless and does not take more than twenty or thirty minutes
  • The scars, which are left behind after the surgery completed vanish with time and are not a cause of worry since they blend in with the skin colour

Auroplasty is a minor surgery that doctors can perform with ease and without letting the patient feel a lot of discomfort.

Authored by Dr Shailesh Pandey, ENT Specialist

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