Meet Dr. Shailesh Pandey

Dr Shailesh Pandey is a young ENT Specialist doctor and ENT surgeon with more than fifteen years of experience, practising in the western suburb of Andheri,Mumbai. He is an expert in ENT

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ENT Services


Ear Treatments

Ear related problems are on the rise today – whether it is an infection, hearing loss, blocked ears, discharge or other problems. Ear problems can be caused due to bacteria, trauma or be associated with a number of diseases.

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Throat treatments

Throat Treatments

Throat disorders and problems are common and almost each one of us has gone through them. Throat problems include allergies, tonsils, squeaky voice or phlegm that is bothersome.

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Other Services

Snoring & Apnea Surgery

Patient Testimonials

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As in any other field, India is fast emerging as a preferred destination for medical services. India has a vast pool of highly qualified and talented and competent doctors and surgeons along with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

For someone living abroad, seeking treatment in India can be confusing due to the enormous amount of information available. We at AUM ENT Clinic understand the scepticism one may have and it is our endeavour to provide treatment to the ENT disorders with the highest level of care at affordable prices in a minimally invasive manner. Our mission is to heal with best medical care available internationally at best prices and heal the body and soul with a combination of medication, indulgence and travel.

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These are particularly useful for improving hearing of people affected with SNHL. It is an electronic device that receives sound through a microphone, sends it though an amplifier. The amplifier increases the strength of the signals and sends them to the ear, through a speaker attached to the system. Hearing aids may be used behind the ear, in the ear or in the ear canal or completely inside the ear canal. There are two types of electronic hearing aids available - analog and digital.

Analog aids are adjustable and are custom made to meet the needs of each user. It can be programmed for different listening environments. They are less expensive. Digital aids convert sound into numerical codes before amplifying them. Digital circuitry can be used in all types of hearing aids.

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